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What does it mean when you say to a russian wife I love you. There are many answers and interpretations to this question, but when asked, the majority of single russian women said that love is something they feel but cannot explain in words. Pretty girls who genuinely feel they have fallen in love report a warm good inner feeling, sometimes happyness. Falling madly in love may really make you mentally ill. Russian girls constantly ask, how will I know when it is true love? How can I be certain if and when it hits me? In an attempt to provide answers to these questions, our interviewers asked dozens of people who said that they had experienced the feeling of falling in love. Their answers and my own experiences over the years led us to the following conclusions.  Pretty women who fall in love recognize a strong force that draws them close to each other. Sometimes this force can be a strong physical attraction, which psychologists say is an important ingredient in romantic love. Sometimes, it is more than that. And modern research suggests that over the centuries, our bodies have developed processes to ensure we fall in love with the opposite gender.

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Nature's way of ensuring that a male and a female are sufficiently motivated to engage in the mating process. This system keeps both parties passionately focused on each other until insemination is accomplished. The evolution of the attraction system as a way for pretty ladies to select and maintain focus on the most eligible partner. Individuals thought to be genetically superior were, and still are, considered to be more desirable in russian dating. This compassionate love has evolved to ensure that offspring are nurtured and cared for. Nature's intention to keep a pretty mail order bride together for joint parenting, at least until offspring are able to care for themselves.
It is interesting to note that the report suggests this does not always go hand in hand. When men and women were injected with testosterone, a hormone known to increase desire did increase but they did not fall in love with their russian mail order bride. An individual may begin dating with a partner sometimes purely for pleasure, then discover that they feels a strong attraction for a pretty wife. In many such instances, one or both parties may mistake this attraction for lasting love. Many of us are no doubt aware of how costly such mistakes can be. Attraction can be explained biologically. After love, there is a rise in levels of the hormones vasopressin in men and oxytocin in women. These hormones are known for their attachment causing properties, which led us to conclude that the presence of these chemicals in the body is responsible for the closeness many people experience after love.

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